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Visual Filter
Storefront WooCommerce


'Class->Storefront_Visual_Guide::display_filters() 1

Global Filters

Filter Description
storefront_make_me_cute Storefront Easter Egg.
storefront_custom_background_args Setup custom background color & image arguments. Overrides the storefront_default_background_color filter.
storefront_default_background_color Edits the background color in HEX format.
storefront_google_font_families Filters the default Google fonts. You need to change your CSS font-families.
storefront_menu_toggle_text Filters the text in the responsive menu toggle.
storefront_navigation_markup_template Filters the HTML markup of the navigation menu.
storefront_header_styles Filters the header styles with an array of all the inline css properties you want to change.
storefront_custom_logo_args Enables support for site logo, defining width, height, flex dimensions and header text.
storefront_register_nav_menus Changes the default registered navigation menus.
storefront_html5_args Switch default core markup to output valid HTML5.


'storefront_header_widget_region 10
'woocommerce_breadcrumb 10


'storefront_shop_messages 15

WooCommerce Filters

Filter Description
storefront_woocommerce_args Declare WooCommerce support and the default parameters.
storefront_customizer_woocommerce_extension_css Get extension css styles for Booking, Product Reviews & Smart Coupon addons.
storefront_loop_columns Filters the number of products per row
storefront_page_option_names Get WooCommerce page by ID.
storefront_product_thumbnail_columns Filters the product gallery thumbnail columns number.
storefront_products_per_page Filters the number of products per page in shop pages.
storefront_related_products_args Filters the related products number and colums arguments.
storefront_sticky_order_review Enqueue the Sticky Payment script in WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons plugin.
storefront_upsells_columns Filters the number of columns of upsell products.
storefront_single_product_pagination_same_category Changes the option to only show products of the same category.
storefront_sticky_add_to_cart_params Filters the sticky Add to Cart parameters.


'storefront_get_sidebar 10


'Class->Storefront_Visual_Guide::widgets_filters() 10

Sidebar and Widgets Filters

Filter Description
storefront_footer_widget_rows Filters the number of footer widget rows.
storefront_footer_widget_columns Filters the number of footer widget columns.
storefront_sidebar_args Changes of default widget areas arguments (name, ID and description) for the sidebar, header and footer widget areas.


'storefront_footer_widgets 10
 'Class->Storefront_Visual_Guide::footer_filters() 10 
'storefront_credit 20
'storefront_handheld_footer_bar 999

Footer Filters

Filter Description
storefront_copyright_text Modifies the Storefront footer copyright text.
storefront_credit_link Show or hide the Storefront credit link.
storefront_handheld_footer_bar_links Filters the handheld menu bar links.


'storefront_sticky_single_add_to_cart 999